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Burke Cochran
1. If you could live in a book, tv show, or movie, what would it be? 2. What would you like to be famous for? 3. What animal best represents you and why? 4. Where do you see yourself in five years? 5. What would be your "perfect" day? 6. If you could take only three items with you to a deserted island, what would the be?   1. I'd live in the His Dark Materials Trilogy because it's awesome af 2. I want to be famous for being famous, like the kardashians 3. Emu, no one knows who they are 4. Being an exotic dancer to pay for my college loans 5. Best day: I find out that Steve Jobs left all of his money to me in his will. 6. A sail boat, some sorta GPS thingy, and a emergency flare to alert people where I am

Burke Cochran, Reporter

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