Covid Update


Lucy Madera, reporter

There have already been over 22 million reported cases of covid 19, and over 370 thousand deaths. This pandemic took over in 2020. This year alone there has been at least 151,000 people who have taken the vaccine to help stop the spread of the virus. President-elect Joe Biden has picked former FDA head David Kessler to help lead the U.S. Covid-19 task force. The spread of the coronavirus showed signs of slowing in England, while Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Britons not to go out this weekend. The capital has been one of the worst-hit regions by the fast-spreading new strain of the virus and was under the toughest pandemic restrictions in November and much of December. When the R-value is above 1, the disease is spreading exponentially.

Joe Biden’s plan includes Social distancing is not a lightswitch. It is a dial. Joe Biden will direct the CDC to provide specific evidence-based guidelines for how to turn the dial-up or down relative to the level of risk and degree of viral spread in a community, including when to open or close certain businesses, bars, restaurants, and other spaces; when to open or close schools, and what steps they need to take to make classrooms and facilities safe; appropriate restrictions on the size of gatherings; when to issue stay-at-home restrictions. Establish a renewable fund for state and local governments to help prevent budget shortfalls, which may cause states to face steep cuts to teachers and first responders. Call on Congress to pass an emergency package to ensure schools have the additional resources they need to adapt effectively to COVID-19. Provide a “restart package” that helps small businesses cover the costs of operating safely, including things like plexiglass and PPE.

Staying Safe during this pandemic is the best thing you can do for yourself and others. And don’t forget to always wear a mask and to wash your hands.