Students Show Their School Spirit

Teresa Amore, Reporter

On Sunday, September 12, Belvidere North students decorated the locker bays for Homecoming week. They put up decorations and followed the Peter Pan theme. Freshman had Crocodile Creek, Sophomores followed the theme of Skull Island and the Juniors had Mermaid Lagoon while the Seniors had Pirates Cove. 

Everyone worked very hard on decorating, especially the seniors. They wanted to win because if they did it would be their second time winning the spirit award. Tommy Laudicina a senior at Belvidere North said, “it was very fun but lots of drama, me and Taylor Key spent over two hundred dollars making sure our locker bay had the most spirit.” Naomi Rivera who is also a senior said, “it was nice decorating the locker bays again and I’m happy we are able to do things during our senior year even with covid still going on.” “I really hope we won because it took lots of time plus it would really make my senior year special’. 

Overall, everyone did a great job decorating their locker bays. Monday the 13th the staff began to vote on which locker bay followed their theme and showed the most spirit. Throughout the week some of the decorations began to fall down and the students would just go back and re-tape/put them up. 

Taylor Key a senior said, “ when we saw the decorations starting to fall we would run as fast as we could to put them back up, mostly during our passing periods. We didn’t know if someone was pulling our decorations down purposely or they were just falling due to the tape being weak but it was very annoying, because we wanted our bay to look perfect.”

On Friday the 17th after 7th hour the students attended an assembly for Homecoming Week, this is where they were going to decide who won. After everyone was waiting anxiously to here the results our principle Mr. Friesma announced that their was a close tie between the Seniors, Juniors and Sophomores. The only way to find out who won was to play some games during the assembly and basically just seeing what class had the most spirit. A few students got the chance to place for their class and at the end they finally announced who won. As everyone was being quiet hoping it was their class that one, our principal announced, “the spirit award of 2021 belongs to the… seniors”. Once he announced this news the class of 2022 began to cheer so loud. They were extremely happy they won because not only is it their second time winning but this is the last chance they would ever get to win!