Social Media Boosts School Spirit


Annika Peterson, Reporter

 Belvidere North High School has finally taken to the times and gotten on social media. In 2021 social media platforms and technology have taken over the world but BNHS is using it as a positive. 

The Blue Thunder has over 25 different instagram accounts related to the school. Some of these are @bnhs.students for student council, @bnorthbluecrew for the school’s student section, @bnorthcheerleading @bnorthvb @bnorthsoccer @belvidereswimanddive @bnhs_pomdance for sports, and many more for different clubs…

 The biggest page just started this new school year, an ‘Official Instagram Page for Belvidere North High School’ (@bnhs_thunder). This page posts everything to announcements, sports news, school events, bell schedules, lunches, and so much more. The page has accumulated over 500 followers and is still growing. However, Instagram isn’t the only platform being used.. Twitter and Facebook pages have also been started. 

This rise in social media presence across the board has boosted school spirit in many ways. More students are involved and aware of events going on at the school. With the 2021/2022 @bnorthbluecrew Instagram page being able to post themes and times for games like football and volleyball publicly, we finally have a student section again, which have had amazing turnouts. 

“The rise in social media has created a wonderful opportunity for students and members of the community to be engaged and interact. It’s also fun for the student athletes to be a part of a team that grows the school’s culture and provide a fun atmosphere on game days.” says Belvidere North’s social media representative. 

Not only has this boosted school spirit on the student’s end, but possibly on the admission’s end as well. More teachers that follow these pages know what’s going on in student life, and can incorporate that into class and learn more about their students. Having more pictures being taken for social media will also become a positive for the school’s Yearbook class in getting photos to create an amazing yearbook to look back on down the road. No matter the opinion on social media and it’s uphills/downhills, many people think this has been a positive way to use it.