Homecoming Aftermath: The Week After


Teresa Amore, Reporter


       Homecoming was a very fun and exciting week filled with many memorable events and activities.   However, the week after homecoming Monday the 20th everything just stopped and the school seemed to go into a lull.

    Homecoming week was very special this year because last year we didn’t get to have one, Naomi Rivera a senior says,¨It was very special and exciting because not only is it my last year but it was nice because most of my senior classmates participated¨ ¨my favorite part of homecoming week was as i was running in the powder puff game I saw most of my classmates and friends all there dressed in our senior color cheering us on, thats when I knew that I was so happy that we had a homecoming week this year.¨ ¨Monday after this exciting week came around and i was very sad that it was all over, I missed dressing up for the themes on different days and I also missed seeing the locker bays all decorated¨. Some might say that their was a difference in the attendance during homecoming week and the week after.

      Tommy Amore whose a freshman at North says ¨during homecoming week I feel as if more students showed up…That Monday after homecoming week, I feel as if the hallways were a bit vacant and there were less students at school¨.¨Also, everyone arrived at school and saw that the decorations in our locker bays were taken down, that was the most depressing¨.

 But, overall Homecoming was very fun and exciting for all! Rachel Scott a member of Blue Crew and a senior says ¨we want to say thank you to everyone that participated in homecoming week, and we also want to say thank you to the staff and teachers. Without all of you we wouldn´t  have had such a fun week!”