Students Paint the Sidewalks


Amelia Kackley, Reporter

Forty-three sidewalk squares were painted the Thursday after the Homecoming parade. North students   were allowed to paint until 8:00 p.m. Participants were supplied with brushes and ten different paint colors.

Anything, school-appropriate, could be painted on the sidewalk or parking spots in front of door 25 by the senior locker bay. It was a great time for painting because of the nice breeze and the sunny day. If it was cold out what would the painters do? They would probably have to put on another coat! Painting a parking spot or sidewalk was a way for students to enjoy and participate in homecoming week to show school spirit.

Instead of just painting the parking lot; however, students painted sidewalks. This was due to the school board approving both sidewalk and parking lot to be painted.“ The school board thought it would be easier to paint the sidewalk, but students were still allowed to paint parking spots,” Said Mrs.Bloome, the student council advisor. By the school board letting students have the choice gives everyone the ability to participate in this event. For instance, students without cars wouldn’t really feel the need to paint a parking spot. Now students with or without cars can join in this activity. Everyone there said they had a fun time and thought this was a good way to try new things.

In 2017, Sweetwater held a Senior parking spot painting event, but instead of doing it for free, their seniors had to bring their own supplies and pay a $5 fee. Also, Sweetwater High School only allowed seniors, instead of all grades. The only negative side effect of the paintings was that they would fade away. So make sure you check out the amazing paintings and join in on the fun for next year’s homecoming week!