Early Onset Senioritis


Tommy Laudicina, Reporter

Are you dreading school? Is homework becoming optional? Are you begging your parents to call you in “for an appointment” or that you are “sick” in the mornings? Are you a senior? If you answered yes to the majority of these questions you have a severe case of senioritis. Do not worry, plenty of seniors feel this way. Take it from Taylor Key ‘22 “ I definitely think I have senioritis, I find it very hard to sit down and do my homework at night. I used to love going to school but now I’m honestly over it. I think part of the reason why it has affected me so much is because I am so focused on college essays along with the applications, SAT retakes and even having to balance it all with my job “ .  

Though the seniors feel so overwhelmed and they need a break, few feel as if they need to work even harder. “ It’s really hard for me especially because I have to be in school and on top of everything for cheer, I think it really drives my mental health down along with other student athletes. It’s not only the sports but I know a lot of people including myself that feel like we have to try even harder this year because of colleges and the worry that they will see a drop in our grades compared to previous years because of senioritis. “ ( Eden Soma ‘22 ).

      Even though you may feel overwhelmed now, don’t forget to enjoy your senior year as much as possible. “Whether it be going to volleyball games or even study dates with your friends, it might not feel like it but things can seem much easier even if you take it little by little and get things done.” (Naomi Rivera ‘22).