Checking off your Fall Bucket List


Teresa Amore, Reporter

From the Karnival of Karnage to the Edwards apple orchard there are a number of different festivities that you can do to check off on your fall bucket list! Tommy Amore a freshman at North says, ¨ I went to the Karnival of Karnage (haunted house) thinking I was not going to get scared but the second I went in I screamed! Not only did I have a fantasticic time but on the ride back home my heart was still racing, I will for sure remember this experience and I can´t wait for next year!¨

Another fun attraction is the Edwards Apple Orchard, Ashton Diercks a junior at north is part of the staff that works there and makes the experience so much fun, she says ¨  Working at Edwards Apple Orchard has been super fun! Serving apple pies and hot cider every weekend has really gotten me into the fall spirit ¨. 

The Edwards Apple orchard is a tradition for many families many people get there yearly picture in font of the apple orchard sign. Not only will you have a blast but you need to go on an empty stomach because the food  choices they have there are so delicious! Naomi Rivera a senior at North says, ¨I have gone at least 3 times this year and one of the reasons I keep going back is because of the food selection! But everytime time I leave I make sure to bring back at least a dozen of donuts¨. 

The Pumpkin Patch in Popular Grove is an experience you don’t want to miss. Its so much fun for all ages and there is so much to do! Tommy Laudicina a senior at North said, ¨me and my family went there to get pumpkins and went home to carve them, we had a blast¨!

So you will have plenty of fun deciding what fall activities you want to do this season!