North Korea Vows Nucs for Life


Austin Adams, Reporter

On September 8, 2022 Kim Jong Un released a statement regarding North Korea’s nuclear weapons. North Korea said it will never give up nuclear weapons to counter the United States. “The purpose of the United States is not only to remove our nuclear might itself, but eventually forcing us to surrender or weaken our rights to self defense through giving up our nukes, so that they could collapse our government at any time,” said North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.Kim Jong Un made these comments during a speech at North Korea’s rubber-stamp parliament, where members passed legislation governing the use of nuclear weapons. The law states that North Korea would be inclined to use its nuclear weapons when facing a nuclear or non nuclear threat from enemies. Kim Jong Un described this a step to cement the countries nuclear status and make clear that their weapons will not be bargained.Tensions with North Korea have been going on for a long time, and Kim has made increasingly proactive threats of nuclear conflict towards the United States and their allies in Asia such as South Korea. He also warned that the North would proactively use its nuclear weapons if and when they are threatened. His latest comments are very concerning to the United States and their allies as North Korea has accelerated the expansion of their nuclear weapons and missiles program. Kim also has been criticizing South Korea for its expansion of their military and their growing relaionship wih the United States. He describes these actions “dangerous” miliar actions that raise tensions. “Let them sanction us for 100 days, 1,000 days, 10 years, or 100 years,” Kim said. “We will never give up our right to self defense that preserves our countries exisence and the safety of our people just to temporarily ease the difficulties we are experiencing now.”