Homecoming Spirit Week

Atziri Ramos, Reporter

Through the week of Sept.26. to Sept.30., students and staff from the Belvidere North High School Building were given the opportunity to match a certain theme to show the school’s unity and spirit – where at the end of the week, a certain graduation class earns a prize by its ongoing competition against each other. Throughout the many years of high school, most expect everyone to be excited but it has suddenly reached down low over this year’s homecoming spirit week. The schedules were known to be on Monday to dress as your favorite teacher, Tuesday to dress up from any generation, Wednesday to dress as your assigned class color, Thursday to dress up as multiples within others, and Friday to dress your school’s spirit. Just a day prior to Monday, the school invited students to come and decorate their locker bay to a theme given to them.
Over the amount of complaints and lack of motivation, the amount of participation has
decreased tremendously compared to last year’s. What could be the ultimate reason for it? It led to the idea where Homecoming wasn’t Homecoming anymore.Olivia Diaz Medina, a Junior student at Belvidere North High School states,  “There was less people doing the homecoming spirit week activities. Which I thought was pretty sad that nobody wants to do it anymore…What could have caused the sudden decline in participation? Medina States  “A Too cool for school mentally”“Or even not enough time to put in the effort”What can you expect for next year?
“I expect more excitement and effort during spirit week. I believe one should have the
opportunity to have fun especially during high school”“Times like these go too fast people! Let’s enjoy them while we can”. The point of the homecoming spirit week is to try something new – to try all sorts of new things, and have the chance to premier your brand new style to encounter the new feeling of experiencing it all for the remaining years you have left in school. Over the lack of spirit being seen through, the motivation from locals will continue to go down if they’re to be in the same mindset as before if they’re surrounded by the opposite spirit we tend to want for the school’s community.