The Love On Tour


Gianna Ventre, Reporter/Editor

Harry Styles, the Twenty Eight year old pop singer, is currently impacting teens and adults all around the world. Styles is on tour for “Love On Tour 2022”, performing songs from his “Harrys Houses” Album, and is selling out all of his shows. In New York, from Aug 20th, to Sep 21st, Styles performed 15 shows at Madison Square Garden, and sold out every single show. MSG had made a sign, stating how Styles had these 15 consecutive nights, leaving an amazing reaction on Styles face. Many people say that this should be a very proud achievement to Styles, and his fans. Last Saturday marked Styles last show at the United Center, in Chicago IL. Harry had 6 nights, selling out his shows. During the show, fans created a fan project for his song “Matilda”, where each section had colored paper for their flashlights. The arena was colorful like a rainbow. During his show, you will notice many fans crying, and screaming to his songs. With signs with sayings like, “Last ring before the fling” and “My dead dog loved you”, and there’s even people sharing how they missed their midterms to see him. During his shows, he also sings some of his other songs from older Albums. Something that really excited fans, was when he sang “That’s what makes you beautiful” By One Direction, which was the Band that he was in after Auditioning on the X Factor. Fans everywhere were screaming and crying to the song. When going to the United Center, we saw a phone booth, where fans could leave messages on a phone that will be put on vinyl for Styles to listen too. Along with the phone, there was a balloon wall to take photos before the concert.
During this tour at Chicago, Styles has everyone get a puzzle piece, and if you go all five nights, you can build a puzzle house, each piece represents different nights, and each one has different colors. These pieces would go out to the first 10,000 people to arrive. We asked a fan of Styles how he has affected her, and she said,” Harry Styles gives me something I can relate to; his music. He is such a caring person, who interacts with his fans and there life,” and ”Love on tour is a place where you can have fun and be yourself,” One final thing to add is for each show Styles performs, he makes roughly 2.25 Million dollars. Clearly this young man is making a successful life for himself, and affecting people in ways they could have never imagined.