Thanksgiving Favorites


Brisa Verastegui, Reporter

Thanksgiving is a widely celebrated holiday if you celebrate it or not you most definitely know the famous foods associated with it. The iconic dishes such as turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, stuffing, casserole, pies, green beans, and the most controversial, cranberry sauce were put to the test to see if they really do deserve to be sitting at the table. Students at Belvidere North ranked these dishes 1-5 and the results were shocking. Students rated turkey a 3/4 and ranked ham a 5. Pretty ironic due to the fact that turkey is such an iconic thanksgiving dish. A not surprising rank was mashed potatoes with a 5/5 but on the opposite end of the stick was cranberry sauce with a 1 / 5. To join cranberry sauce is stuffing, casserole, and pie. Green beans are at a solid 3 /5 rating. The results definitely said words maybe the traditional thanksgiving is just not that great to eat but satisfying to look at. In the US, 46 million turkeys and 24 million pounds of ham are eaten on thanksgiving. Leaving turkey to totally dominate the holiday in means of protein. These numbers are nothing compared to how many pounds of mashed potatoes are eaten during thanksgiving. Americans will eat 214 pounds of potatoes. This really makes us ask the question of if turkey should really be the food that represents thanksgiving or should it be mashed potatoes. In conclusion, I think it’s clear that the traditional thanksgiving foods may start to disappear as the younger generations seem to not dislike them. It will be exciting to see what could replace these foods. Yet, for now I think it’s safe to say that everyone will definitely stay away from the cranberry sauce.