Belvidere North gets Spooky before Halloween


Brisa Verastegui, Reporter

DECA held a Halloween carnival at Belvidere North High School to try and gather non-perishable foods and other supplies for charity. All children that came were welcome and encouraged to dress up. Multiple clubs were able to set up a game for kids to try and win candy. There were easier games for younger ages like the duck pond or you could even get your face painted so everyone could have some fun. I helped volunteer for the carnival and I was able to get a few interviews from some other volunteers and maybe future Belvidere North students. How are you enjoying the carnival so far?“It’s very fun, lots of candy”- A scary wolf, PeytonDo you like the games at the carnival?“Yeah.”- A spooky queen, IsabellaDo you like the decorations put out?“I like it.”-A Rapunzel, PiperWhat costumes are you looking forward to seeing this Halloween?“Uh, Pirates.”-A pirate, Noah The kids at the carnival had very few words to say about the carnival but got the message across that they enjoyed it. There were many different costumes that appeared and even though the carnival was targeted for little kids many students showed up to have some fun as well. The volunteers even seemed to be having more fun than the kids.How are you enjoying the carnival?“I love seeing the little kids smile after they get a bag in the buckets. It warms my heart” A volunteer at the buckets game, Allison Jaramillo“It is so adorable seeing them be so happy that they get to have candy and also choose their own candy.”A volunteer at the duck pond, Isa Martinez “It’s pretty good, the turnout is pretty good. I like how we got a unique style of carnival booths here tonight.” A member of DECA, Jayden Gallagly. The night ended very successfully and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Many students came out to volunteer for their club and dress up. This is only the beginning of Halloween for Belvidere North though. On Halloween day there will be a costume contest to see who has the most spooky spirit.