The Girls JV Basketball Team Shocks Everyone


Brisa Verastegui, Reporter

 On December 6th, the Belvidere North’s JV girls basketball team had everyone on the edge of their seats going into double overtime with Jefferson. The girls secured the win with the score 42-40. After Jefferson, the team also took down Auburn with a score of 35-19. Currently, the girls are preparing for their game against Guilford happening on December 13th. So far they are 4-1 in conference hoping to go into winter break 5-1. I was able to get in touch with Coach Yunk, the head coach for the JV team to see his perspective on the intense games so far. How are you feeling about the game with Jefferson?“You know it was an incredible team victory. Overall our girls played awesome. The biggest thing I take away from this win is that our girls didn’t have any quit in them. They played from horn to horn. Even in double overtime when we should’ve been tired, we were still bringing the energy. It was just overall a good team win.” -Coach Eryk YunkDid you expect the team to go into double overtime?“You know you always expect the unexpected, right? So, you never know how it’s gonna go. The only thing that I do know is that our girls didn’t quit and we played the full game even in double overtime. Should the game have gone into double overtime? If you ask me personally I say no but take what the defense gives you, take what the game gives you and you just gotta keep moving forward.”-Coach Eryk Yunk After hearing some words from Coach Yunk I was able to finally hear from Nataie Hix and Leah Rudesil, the JV teams captains. Natalie Hix was actually able to get a buzzer beater for the team leading them into that second overtime. Being able to watch their performance was definitely an unforgettable experience. How were you feeling during the game with Auburn?“I was feeling confident in the beginning of the game but then during it I was feeling more worried because of how close it was getting.”-Leah Rudesil“During the game, I was feeling anxious but super excited.”-Natalie HixWere you able to stay calm during the game?“I was able to stay calm, I just had to be more careful of what plays we were running and not to make stupid decisions when it’s that close.”-Leah RudesilDuring both overtimes you seemed calm and situated. How did you do it with the crowd and band cheering and yelling?
“I was really focused on the game. I kinda just blocked out the noise and forgot that people were cheering.”-Natalie HixThe team has a win streak currently, do you think we can keep it now going against Guilford?“I believe we can beat Guilford. We just have to be aggressive on the defensive end and make smart decisions and take our time on offense.”-Leah Rudesil“Guilford is a really tough team. I think that we have a shot as long as we play together and read each other. Guilford is quick and has big people but I think that we can maybe out run them and get to the line a lot!”-Natalie Hix Overall, The girls JV basketball team has had a great start to their season. After Guilford they won’t be facing anyone until January. Going into the break they still hope for that 5-1 record to keep that winning streak going and ready to add onto it.