Boys Bowling Goes Out With a Bang


Delanee Dickerson, Reporter

Being one of the most underrated sports, no one expected the boys bowling team to getninth in state. With a team of six, five seniors and one freshman, this team was ready to fight fora win. There were many fierce competitors such as Hononegah and Harlem but that did not stopour school spirit.The competition officially started on Friday the 27th but our team was dedicated anddecided to go down on the 25th in hopes to practice. Each team plays six games, three beforelunch and three after. The overall score of the team gets added up and the highest gets first.The competition starts with 24 different teams and at the end of the first day the top 12 teamsmove on. This competition is slightly different then most sports though because they also offerindividual players to move on as well.A slow start to the first three games was a bit nerve racking but all our team needed wassome food because after lunch they were fired up. Our own little cheer squad was pepping up(and slightly annoying) the team. Ending day one with a bang our team got 8th overall, meaningthey would be moving on. While last year our boys bowling team had made it to state they werenot so lucky in making it to day two. Making it past day one is an achievement on its own so nomatter what place they got we were proud of them. Still these boys worked hard and needed abreak, and what’s better than a pizza party?Day two was up and our team was mostly ready. Bowling balls are heavy and when youplay six games in one day it makes sense that it would put a strain on these bowler’s hands.That wasn’t going to stop them though, and with tape and ice they put their game faces on. Allsix boys got a chance to play and did their best. At the end the Belvidere North boys bowlingteam got ninth and our very own Samuel Moran got seventh in the individuals, earning all-statehonors. It is very sad to see this team go and hopefully they continue with their bowling careersin the years to come.