One for the (History) Books

August 25, 2020

It’s crazy to think about the stories we’ll be sharing with our grandkids 40 years from now. Much like our grandparents, we’re going to have stories, maybe not war stories *knock on wood, but our day to day life is a big part of history right now. If you would’ve told me last year that I’d be living through a pandemic and that I would have to wear a mask anytime I wanted to go out in public I would’ve called you crazy. 


I started this year off telling my friends that this summer needed to be one that I would never forget, and boy did I get my wish.. I wanted to take trips and visit places I had never been, get a summer job and stay up late, taking awesome pictures. Instead I stayed home most days because a lot of my friends’ parents wouldn’t allow anyone over until the end of the summer. Almost every restaurant and place I wanted to visit was shut down. Of course I really can’t complain because all of these rules and regulations were for other people’s safety and I’m not the type to put my selfish needs before others. 


Just like anything we had to adapt, instead of walking out of the house and saying “Oh shoot I forgot my keys!” that shortly turned into “Oh shoot, my mask!” When the school year started to slowly approach us many, if not all students and parents we’re left with the question “Where do we go from here?” We found the answer to that question very soon after. We could all sit around and mope about not being able to go back to school but what is the point in that? There’s always something that someone will complain about. If we did go back to school everyone would’ve been complaining about the mandatory masks we would have to wear the whole school day, you can’t make everyone happy. As hard as it’s going to be this year I feel like it can’t be that much harder than what we’ve already had to overcome since the start of the year. 


There’s still a few months left until the end of the year, fingers crossed that the rest of the year is somewhat normal.

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