What To Expect This Dance Season

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What To Expect This Dance Season

Yasmin Vizguerra, Reporter

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With the fall season-ending, winter sports is coming around the corner. Here’s what people can expect with the upcoming dance season.

Dance tryouts are mandatory for those who wish to be part of a team. Both levels, Varsity and JV were on Thursday, October 25 from 6 to 8 pm, following the dance clinics.

Clinics are held for those interested in trying out, to be able to learn the tryout routine. Clinics were held right after school on Monday and from 6 to 8 pm on Tuesday.

This season will see new coaches, both of whom had previously danced for Hononegah High School, a school known to be one with a great dance team within NIC-10 as well as throughout college. JV coach Haley Foster and Varsity coach Kate Zitzke, have focused towards one goal for North’s dance team- to be better than before.

Last year, the teams had Casey Blum as the Varsity coach and April Carlie as the JV coach.

Like any competition, teams go against one another, even up against schools with the top dance teams from all over the suburbs. North’s team, unfortunately, did not place at any competition, however, Varsity placed fourth, the highest they have ever placed.
This year, the team hopes to improve on their placing, to be able to show other schools how much they have to offer compared to the other competing schools.
Both of the new coaches have also expressed their goals in unifying both teams in a union to build on what they have thus far.

“We really hope this season is lots of fun for everyone, all of us ready to have a blast,” said Zitzke. “Yeah, we also just want to bring back that sense of unity within both teams, to support each other and make sure we are all doing our best together,” added coach Foster.

In past years, Hononegah has been on their way to be NIC-10 champions, in 2015 placing second compared to Belvidere North.

“Seeing how good Hononegah typically does compared to us, I’m excited to see what the coaches have to offer us, hopefully even doing better than previous years,” said Giselle Munoz (‘20).

Dance seasons usually start up in late October just as the Poms season is ending, and go till mid-February with competitions starting in January.

Routines for the season are one for all competitions but changes can be made in between or another can be put in place. These changes can come about with some comments from the judges.

For basketball games, however, there’s a series of routines that are usually performed.

In light of the new dance season coming up, this year coaches want to start small, their routines primarily being like poms routine, which is usually easier for most girls to perform as most of the dance team is also on the Poms team. This helps it runs smoothly into the next season.

With the new dance season coming up quick, there’s a lot of bigger expectations and improvements to be expected.

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