Peter pan The musical Preview

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Peter pan The musical Preview

Matthew Turn, Reporter

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Almost everyone has heard of Peter Pan, with it having a sequel, a live-action remake and a remaster. With so many iterations it is no wonder that there is a musical of Peter Pan.

At the PAC on March 15 through the 17 will be showing Peter Pan the musical.

Each year the theatre class of Belvidere North does a musical and this year it is Peter Pan as auditions were on the 12 and 13 and casting have already been decided.

Musicals are what usually shine for the theatre department as the last musical; Shrek the musical, which was a massive hit last year.

Practices go from three to six every weeknight and as the due date grows closer the cast can end up staying until nine o’clock or longer.

When casting was decided they put Natalie Abramat (‘19) as Peter Pan, and Mark Magallanes (‘21) as Captain Hook.

When asked if she expected to get the part of Peter Pan Natalie said,

“I didn’t necessarily expect to get the part but, I had the mindset of just trying my best and if Peter Pan is what they saw me as and I saw myself as peter pan and try my best and If I got Peter Pan that is who I got,” said Abramat.

This play also has some interesting attributes to it as not only do they have a fly system to make the character “fly” but also have an animated background that will move with the cast and give some level of depth and reality to the show.

When asked about how she felt about the fly system Natalie started to be a little nervous as she remarked,

“I’m kind of nervous about it but, I think it is going to take some time but, I trust the people holding me up,” said Abramat.

When asked how auditions went Wendy Taylor, the Theatre and statistics teacher, stated

“We had a very good selection this year and casting was very easy and obvious to us.” Wendy Taylor.

With each passing day, the cast, Director and backstage getting ready for the upcoming dates.

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