New Years Resolutions

Justin Trimble, reporter

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The most that a person can get from a new year’s resolution is a goal. That may mean that person is more motivated to achieve that goal, but it could also mean they are reflecting. They are reflecting on the past year. They are reflecting on the mistakes they made in the past, or they need to reflect on something that happened to them and move forward.

a lot of people make resolutions like losing weight, others say they want to be a better person. If you think about it every day ticks down to midnight just like new years. If you wait 365 days to make a goal to make yourself better than you wouldn’t know how to start when that time gets here. Don’t focus on a specific day in the year to make yourself a better person. Focus on you right now.

I believe it’s ok to make new goals, actually, it’s a great thing to do. But when you make new goals you should do everything in your power to achieve those goals. you should have the smarts and the charisma to not overwork your body and your mind. Focus on what you can do right now.

make that happen then do it again. If you do something hard once, then do the same thing the next day. repeating this process over and over again eventually, what was once hard, over time becomes easy. This repetition creates a memory that is infused into your mind and eventually becomes second nature for you.

So make goals all the time and stop focusing on what’s hard, and think about how to make it easy. At first, it will be hard and over time it might get harder. Push through those hard times and reach for the good times that’s why you made those goals, isn’t it?

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