Theater Fest

Matthew Turn, Reporter

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      On January 10 through the 12 there was a convention at the University of Illinois called Theatre Fest. Theatre Fest is more or less a convention for those who like plays, musicals, and any sort of theatrical productions. The university hosted many plays and many activities to learn more about how to become a better actor yourself.

      On the tenth, some Belvidere North and some Belvidere High School students went to the University to witness the plays being performed, including plays like In the Heights, Clue, or Faculty Portrait, and partake in the many fun activities like swashbuckling like a buccaneer, improv games or the theatre tech Olympics, in which North came in fourth overall.

      For many, it was a returning year to the convention like Mark Magallanes (‘21), who exclaimed that the best part of theatre fest was “being around old friends and making new ones that share a common interest with me.”

      For many, laughs sounded throughout the theatre as many jokes were told. When asked what the funniest part was, Kaitlyn Roth (21’) stated that “the funniest part was seeing the play Clue, which is based off the game Clue, which had the best jokes ever.”

      The students were supposed to go home Saturday, but that quickly changed as there was a blizzard that pushed the stay into Sunday. This was a problem because the hotel would only allow them to stay until 6:00 pm Saturday. When it was decided to stay, BHS and BNHS principles decided to cover the extra cost to let the students have a place to sleep overnight, even though some went home earlier than usual because of either work or personal reasons.

      Though each person experienced Theatre Fest differently, they can all say they were glad to have gone to the event.

      A special thanks To Mr. Eckmann and Mr. Lewis for covering the cost of the extra night, and also a special thanks to Mrs. Taylor and Dr. Vermillion for spending their weekend to chaperone this event.

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