The American Serial Killer: Ted Bundy

Priscila Chavez, Reporter

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     Whether you’ve heard about Ted Bundy through your own personal research on serial killers or maybe through the Netflix documentary,  ‘Conservations with a  Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes,’ the spread on the infamous Ted Bundy and his gruesome actions has been widespread among the public.

     On January 24th Netflix dropped a set of four episodes that draws views into the mind of Bundy and his killings. It was directed by American filmmaker,  Joe Berlinger. Who puts pieces of video and audio recordings from when he was on death row in the 80’s and was being interviewed by two journalists, Stephen Michaud, being the main one. The intentions of the journalist were to dig deep into Bundy’s mind and key elements and listen to him describe his murders.  

     During the 70’s Bundy had committed over more than 30 murders and rapes in three separate states, Colorado, Utah, and Florida to women. Many of the women who met Bundy would describe him as handsome and charismatic, but his charms were too good to be true and about a dozen of innocent women ended up being in the wrong hands of a narcissistic sociopath.

     “I feel so bad for all of these women who went through this, thinking nothing wrong would happen but I’m sure they must’ve had a bad feeling in their gut, but probably brushed it off by being brainwashed by Bundy’s words,” said Yesenia Vizguerra (‘20).

     It’s been known for Bundy to have sexual intercourse with the rotting corpses of his victims, or also known as the act of performing necrophilia. He decapitated at least 12 victim’s heads and would sometimes keep them in his apartment as if the killings weren’t enough. He also would break into homes and would beat victims to death in their sleep.

     In 1975 was the first time Bundy had been jailed in Utah for aggravated kidnapping and attempted criminal assault. He then became a suspect in a longer list of unsolved homicides in other states. Facing murder charges in Colorado, he engineered two dramatic escapes and committed further assaults, including three murders, before his resulting recapture in Florida in 1978. For the Florida homicides, he received three death sentences in two separate trials.

     Then finally on January 29, 1989 he was executed by electric chair in Florida state’s prison where he was fried up and shriveled up like a raisin.

     “It was much easier to get away with murder back then because of the lack of technology, Ted Bundy really was a heartless person,” said Lesley Melendez (‘19).

     And to add Bundy on to the big screens even more, a movie, ‘Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile,’ about Bundy and his longtime girlfriend who refused to believe the truth about him for years recently came out on January 26. Zac Efron and Lily Collins are set up to portray the odd couple and the movie will be making it’s way onto Netflix soon enough.

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