March Madness

Nico Arena, Reporter

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March Madness is madness. Every year the month of March is crazy and the main reason for that is this tournament. The NCAA hosts a tournament with the association’s top 64 teams. These 64 college teams have to battle through five rounds to go to a National Championship game, but to make it there they still have to face up against some very talented opponents. One thing that makes this tournament such a big deal is making a bracket. When it comes to making a bracket, you have to make predictions on which teams play which. Some people even bet money on how well their brackets do. March is such a crazy month with this tournament, it even takes the attention of all basketball fans in the entire month and is a major spotlight for these young athletes. Just like every bracket, there are reasons for teams playing each other. Since there are 64 teams selected for the bracket, the NCAA splits all teams into four divisions. These divisions consist of 16 teams ranking from best to worst, 1 being the best and 16 being the worst. This year’s tournament favorite to win the National Championship was Duke. They have what looks to be the best player in the upcoming NBA draft in 2019, not to mention their starting lineup, but the point of tournaments is to witness upsets. This tournament starts on March 19th and ends April 8th, so for some teams you could be playing a lot of basketball. The tournament usually starts to get more of their viewers from some of the later rounds, such as the Sweet Sixteen which is the third round or the Elite Eight which is the second round. This years Sweet Sixteen had some shocking upsets such as Auburn vs UNC with a number one seed losing to a five seed by seventeen points. Also a big win for Texas Tech beating Michigan by nineteen points and Michigan is the second seed and Texas Tech being a three seed. Duke, Michigan State, Virginia, and Kentucky all advanced to the Elite Eight. This round was the best match ups fans could have ever asked for. Duke being a number one seed facing off against Michigan State, number two seed. This game was neck and neck until it came down to RJ Barrett of Duke missing a free throw, leading to Michigan State winning by only one point. Other exciting games were Virginia vs Purdue, Virginia’s defensive player of the year hit a buzzer beater with .3 seconds left on the clock pushing the Cavaliers through with a win, advancing them to the Final Four. Auburn and Texas Tech also advanced to the next round. Auburn plays Virginia after a big win. Back and forth all game Virginia ends up winning in an outstanding ending beating Auburn by only one point. Texas Tech and Michigan were ready to face out and it was a close game to start off, but Michigan’s defense wasn’t enough for the Raiders. Which lead the Virginia Cavaliers to face off against the Texas Tech Red Raiders. This game was going to be a very offensive battle by both sides. Once the game had actually begun Virginia looked to play calm and conservative, not fazed by the Raiders defense. Torching them all through the night, Virginia had control of the game and a pretty substantial lead throughout, until the Raiders come back in the fourth quarter to give them a shot in OT. Only to end up winning by eight. First time in school history, Virginia are your 2019 National Champions.

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