Triangle vs. Square Cut Pizza


burke cochran, Asst. Editor-in-chief

Pizza is the U.S.’s favorite food. A survey conducted by National Today in 2017 found that, of 1,000 Americans surveyed, 43% of them ranked Pizza as their favorite food. 98% of those said that they liked Pizza, while only 2% said they didn’t.


On an important related note, the United States is pretty big. To be exact, the area stands somewhere around 3.797 million square miles. And within such a vast space, the types of Pizza people enjoy vary greatly.


Pizza in Belvidere sucks.


I interviewed senior Johnathon Giesecke (‘19) for his opinion on the subject. When asked his favorite Pizza, Lou Malnati’s was his original answer. However, young Giesecke seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding of what Pizza is. Pizza is flat. Lou Malnati’s “Chicago-Style Deep Dish,” should be called what it rightfully is: a disgusting tomato pie.


Upon correcting Giesecke of his misunderstanding, he changes his answer to Bravo’s, which serves thin-crust pizza cut into square slices.


And while these people are entitled to their own opinion, in my humble and superior opinion, square-cut pizza is objectively worse than triangle-cut pizza (especially NYC style).


Triangle-cut pizza has its own handle. This is pretty straight-forward. There’s no need to get your hand greasy when there’s a built in crust that you can eat. And on this note, because of the need to have a solid crust that builds the foundation of the pizza, square-cut pizzas tend to have better crust. Crust is the most important part of the Pizza.