Fantasy Football

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Fantasy Football

Michael Paddock, Reporter

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With the NFL preseason almost to an end, fans and viewers are getting ready for an important part of the NFL season.

For a lot of people this is a tradition for every NFL season, it can be addicting for some people.  There are leagues and different websites you can use to have a chance of winning money by drafting a team filled with players and compete against other people weekly.  A tradition that a lot of leagues have is the person who’s team took last place, will usually have a punishment of the other members choosing. 

 The draft is where team owners will use their knowledge and strategy to draft their best team capable to compete.  Each team will have around 13-15 players, depending on the league. There are different ways leagues draft their teams, some leagues will meet at someone’s house and draft their team in person.  As other leagues will draft their team on their computer or phone. When drafting a team the players of choosing are ranked by all players in the league and also will be ranked in the position they play. 

The top three projected players from each major position in fantasy football according to ESPN. 

  1. Saquan Barkley           RB, NYG 1. DeAndre Hopkins     WR, HOU 1. Patrick Mahomes QB, KC
  2. Alvin Kamara               RB, NO 2. Davante Adams       WR, GB 2. Deshaun Watson QB, HOU
  3. Christian McCaffrey    RB, CAR 3. Odell Beckham Jr.   WR, CLE 3. Aaron Rodgers QB, GB

 The rankings will provide the players stats from last season and their projected stats for the upcoming season.  The different scoring systems used are Standard Scoring System, Points Per Reception (PPR), and Individual Defensive Player (IDP).  After team owners draft their teams they will be able to pick up players from the waiver list, but to add a player you will have to drop a player you have on your roster.  Players do this if they need a player to substitute, or if they see a player who has the potential to do good. Every week team owners set their lineup to compete against someone else.  

Throughout the season teams will be able to offer trades to other teams and try and improve their team.  To be good at fantasy football you will have to do research on players and teams to figure out what players will have a successful season and which players will have a bust season.