Canvas and Fitness Testing

Canvas and Fitness Testing

Rachel Nelson, Editor-In-Chief

P.E. class. Some students love it, some students hate it. Fitness testing is the one thing that no one looks forward to. 

Well, that and canvas assignments. 

Honestly, canvas assignments shouldn’t be a requirement for P.E. It is supposed to be the class where students go to get the chance to move around and have a break from sitting in class all day long. Canvas assignments aren’t something that should be involved. 

Some students usually forget that they even had the homework. When I was in P.E., my teachers never reminded me that we had an assignment until after it was due and closed. It just adds more for students to stress about when they already have enough to worry about with their other classes and sports. 

Majority of the assignments are common sense anyway. It is always making a workout- that you NEVER use- or reading an article that is common sense. (I mean come on, how to avoid the Freshmen 15? Just workout and don’t eat out all the time!)

Also, why do all students have to do fitness testing? How is flexibility, push-ups, sit-ups and running for a long time good measurements of how healthy someone is? They don’t determine how healthy someone is, they only determine how fit they are. Someone can be really healthy, but they don’t have muscle or the flexibility to show it. 

The classifications are Needs Improvement, Healthy and Excellent. If you don’t get healthy, then you aren’t able to have much fun during the next weeks until the next round of fitness testing. 

And how degrading is that? You are literally classified as healthy or not by if you can do 10 push-ups or 20 sit-ups. 

Most of the kids in P.E. are the students that don’t have a choice of whether or not to be in the class. Varsity athletes- and marching band for some reason- can waiver out of P.E.