Class Assemblies!


Justin Trimble, Reporter

Let’s start off the school year right. Everyone is coming back from summer with a spark in their hearts and determination in their eyes… well not all of us. When we come back to school we didn’t expect nonstop Northways, lockdowns, and class assemblies. 

Why do we even have class assemblies? They’re just ways to tell us another section of the student handbook that everyone either throws away or gives to their parents to put into a box and never look at. 

The only good part of the class assemblies is that students get out of class for an hour and snicker with their friends about anything that people put in front of them. Teenagers will make fun of anything. 

I actually feel bad for the faculty that had to sit through all the class assemblies. They stood there and said things that we already know. Such as vaping, grinding, and phones. Everyone knows that vaping is not allowed in schools and illegal for minors. Everyone knows that “sandwich dancing” or grinding is an inappropriate dance to do at dances. Everyone knows that some teachers don’t allow cell phones. 

Teenagers are given expectations that are easily abided by but they still break them because they are teenagers and feel they need to rebel or contradict a teacher or authority figure. 

I personally feel bad for these faculty members because they know that the students are going to disobey these guidelines. 

“They’re just so pointless because no one ever pays attention and there’s nothing new about the school’s policy,” exclaimed Dustin Fowler (21) after asked how he feels about the class assemblies.

 The class assemblies don’t have any purpose for them. Instead of continuing the same pointless assembly year after year I suggest that we either abolish the assembly or do something more productive, such as going to the gym and playing games like we have done in the past like a student vs. faculty basketball game. That would be fun.