Rockford Public Schools’ Network Hacked

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Rockford Public Schools’ Network Hacked

Anne Rutherford, Reporter

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The Rockford Public School network was breached by an unknown source on September 9, 2019. The hacker installed a ‘ransomware’ virus affecting all computer systems. 


A ransom has been demanded but the price has been subject to speculation. According to numerous sources, the price has ranged from 365 thousand dollars to 4.6 million dollars. This specific kind of virus denies access to systems or data and restricts access until the ransom is paid off. 


Teachers and students have no access to the computer system, which holds all the student files, transcripts and scheduling systems. According to Dawn Granath, who is a parent to three students at Auburn, has stated that the breach has had a tremendous effect on the senior class in particular. Students who are applying for early admission for college do not have access to their transcripts. 


“My son is applying for early admission and the deadline is September 26. We still do not have any of the required documents to complete this transaction”, said Granath. 


The state law requires students to have a minimum amount of school days to graduate. Students are forced to come to school even with the issue unresolved. A fellow student also expressed her frustration with the situation saying, “We do nothing in class, it’s a complete waste of time.” 


The district has yet to solve the issue. Whether or not school officials choose to pay the ransom, a lot of students have been negatively impacted. With any luck, this matter will be dealt with quickly and the students can go back to school without any distractions looming overhead. 

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