Arctic blast bring freezing weather a month before winter


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

      Forget the last month of fall we have, it’s winter.

      Over the next five days, half the country will experience temperatures that aren’t just cold, they’ll be record-breaking, breaking over 200 records countrywide.

      This comes after the Arctic blast that’s hitting the majority of the country spanning from the Midwest to the east coast while the west coast remains unbothered by the extreme winter-like conditions.

      Chicago experience six-inch snowfall on Monday with frigid temperatures dropping overnight into Tuesday. 

      Low temperatures in the low teens are expected all week, some places not seeing temperatures go above the single digits.

      “It was so cold Monday morning and the wind didn’t help at all, I felt like my car was sliding while driving,” said Briana Raegan (‘21).

      The record low in Chicago was only eight degrees above zero on Tuesday.

      In parts of Minnesota and Tennessee were below zero with the south of Texas was in the teens.

      On Wednesday, almost 100 record lows were set from the deep south to the northeast.

      On the east coast on Wednesday, temperatures were up to 30 degrees below average, the lowest in over a century.

       Freeze watches and warning extend as far south as Florida.

       The harsh weather was affecting transportation Monday, airports across the country such as O’Hare were canceled due to the weather. The snow was affecting the visibility of less than a mile with wind gusts up to 30 miles.

       In total, about 1,300 flights were canceled across the country, 100 at O’Hare.

       More than 200 million people are being affected by the weather.

       Those in Detroit also experienced a record cold with snow just this week accumulating to 10 inches. 

       Delays at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport on Monday were on average of 3 hours and 30 minutes.

       Residents in Texas also woke up on Monday to freezing temperatures and snow, the temperature barely reaching the double digits.

       The Arctic Blast is related to the polar vortex that causes a brutal drop of up to 40-50 degrees.

       “I’m not really affected to it since we live in the Midwest and last year’s winter was bad but it’s too early for winter,” said Madeline Gierzynski (‘20).

        The colder temperature shifted across the country Wednesday night leading into Thursday, pushing the brutal temperatures from the Midwest to the East Coast.

        Winter may still be officially a month away, but looks like half the country got it this week.