WWII submarine USS Grayback, missing 75 years, discovered off the coast of Japan

Sadie Cooper, Reporter

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    In 1944 the USS Grayback went missing off the coast of Okinawa Japan. It has been missing for over 75 years. But earlier this year on June 5, the submarine was found more than 1,400 feet underwater about 50 miles off the coast of Okinawa, Japan. The sub was found by Tim Taylor and his “Lost 52 Project” team, they announced this on Sunday. The sub was sunk by a Nakajima B5N carrier bomber during its 10th war patrol, according to a video announcement from the Lost 52 Project. The Lost 52 project was founded by Tim Taylor after he discovered his first WWII submarine.  The team has found at least four other subs. There are more than 40 remaining missing subs. The team is trying to find all of the missing subs. 

The USS left for its last mission from pearl harbor in late January 1944, according to the Naval History and Heritage Command. The sub was then ordered home towards the end of February. This happened after they had encountered an attack from Japan Convoy leaving them with only two torpedoes. The sub was supposed to arrive in Midway in March, but they never made it back. The sub was then presumed lost by the end of the month. 

During WWII, the Grayback was the 20th most successful submarine and earned two Navy commendations and eight battle stars for its service.