Belvidere North Girls Tennis Team Hussles,Hits and Never Quits.


Angalina Vespo, Assistant Editor

 On Wednesday,Sep. 22 ,North’s girls tennis team played Boylan Catholic High School. Although it was just a regular old tennis match the girls seemed to have some challenges. Talking to Sophomore, Alyssa Philips class of 23, she said,

“I’m not sure how the rest of the team did, but I lost. The match was a long drawn game which is good”. She also said,

“Even though I didn’t do very good , some of the other girls pulled through and won”.

      Philips had also mentioned the girls practice almost every day and they are really good this year. Which is great, having practice is a great escape from all of this pandemic stuff that is happening. It lets kids have a somewhat normal life. You can tell the girls are determined to have a victorious season. You can see the determination in their eyes.  Philips said,

“ We have been practicing every day and we were prepared to go into the season”. This is great for the team, having the preparation they had goes to show how much they love tennis and are committed to having a season full of winning.

      Not only are the girls good this year , they have kind hearts,  good sportsmanship, they play with fairness. Watching the girls you can see how much they just love the game of tennis. It doesn’t matter if they win or not they are just having fun. Winning is just an amazing result from all of those things. Yes the girls want to win , but you can just tell how much fun they have out on the court. You can tell that the coach doesn’t put a ton of pressure on the girls and that results in a team that has fun and wins. The girls are amazing to watch , so if you ever get a chance go take a look at one of the games ,you won’t be disappointed.