Belvidere North Gets a New Principal


Preston Sewell, reporter

Starting the 2020-2021 school year, we see a new principal leading the school. Jim Friesema is the new principal at Belvidere North High School, following the lead of previous principal, Marc Eckmann. With the coronavirus pandemic reaching a high, and District 100 deciding to do virtual learning for every student, I’m sure there will be a challenge for the new principal.

      Being in completely online classes, students haven’t been able to see the effect of Mr. Friesema in person just yet, but I’m sure that the next time we go to school, whether it is this year or next, I’m sure there will be many changes implemented. I decided to ask a few questions to some of the students at our school about how they feel about the change in learning this year.

      “So far I haven’t had any changes with the school year, besides from classes being completely online, I don’t really see a difference. I like working from home.” said Zachary Stegman (22’). 

      I thought that I should ask a few more questions to another student. In the end, I decided to ask about if they have felt any changes with the new principal coming to Belvidere North High School, here is what they said.

      “I didn’t even know we had a new principal, it will be hard for him to have much effect on us from learning at home, but once we go back to school, I’m sure that we will meet him” said Caden McNulty (22’).

      So far this year, Mr. Friesema has been presenting himself very well, whether that be on the Belvidere North High School facebook, or even being there during the SAT for Seniors, I believe that he has done a good job so far with being the new leader at Belvidere North High School given the restrictions with the school year.