Northway Changes

Sadie Cooper, Reporter

     This past week they tried something different for Northway. What they tried was instead of a normal Northway, they had a study hall where kids could go to teachers and get help with things or they could retake tests that they failed. If I’m being completely honest I think it’s a really good idea, they just need to work out some kinks about how it’s going to work. I think it was a good idea, although not many people in my Northway class actually took the opportunity to go and talk to their teachers. 

This time gave me the opportunity to get in some last-minute studying before my final in Financial Algebra, giving me the chance to get a better grade than I would have before I got the extra time to get some studying in.  Most people in the class just sat there on their phones. For the people that didn’t have anything to do, they could have had something for them to do they are not just sitting around doing nothing. But there were a few that took this time and went to teachers to get help which is what I think it was all about giving the people that needed to get help the time to do so and give the other students that are caught up a chance to relax for an hour. 

I really liked the idea but I feel like it would have been better if they did it a few weeks ago instead of at the very end of the semester because it would give the student that really need this time to fix their grade the chance to do so. You could also make it a little bit longer for those who are trying to make up a test or retaking them. It gives them the chance to finish with enough time so they don’t have to rush and make small errors on their tests. Another good idea is to give the students some heads up on when they are going to do something like this again so that the kids have more time to prepare and get passes to go to the class they need to. They also need to give the kids a little bit more time to get their passes to get to the class they need to because sometimes passing period is not enough time to get from one class to another than ask for a pass then go to their Northway class and then back to the class they got the pass from.