Man Missing in Florida Everglades

Sadie Cooper, Reporter

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A week ago a man by the name of Mark Miele,67, of Virginia went missing while on a week-long kayaking trip.  Mark was scheduled to get back on January 29 but was later found on Monday floating face-up wearing a life jacket. The rescue team found his phone and wallet on the shore. When they activated his phone, they found his recent location and told the water team where to start looking for him.  

When they found him just a few miles from where they found his phone and wallet.  if the rescue team was just a few hours later he could have been dead. The rescue team thinks that Mark was in the water for close to two days and it had been very cold the past few days. “Turns out, when I talk to a guy after the fact that was on the scene, he goes, ‘No, he was convulsing,’” Henderson said. “He’d been in the water for two solid days and it’s been really cold.” 

At first, Mark did not appear to be moving. When the rescue team found him, he looked to be convulsing in the water. Aerial video of the rescue shows the helicopter crew spotting Miele afloat in the water and boats racing to pull him to safety. After that, the team took him to the hospital where there has been no comment on how he is doing. The investigators are still trying to find out why and how he lost his kayak and how he ended up in the water.