Girls Soccer in the Fall?


Angalina Vespo

  Yes , girls soccer practice in the fall.On August 25, 2020, Mr. Naff ( the girl head soccer coach and varsity coach) sent out an email saying that girl soccer is allowed to have contact days for the loss of summer practices. The girls will meet 3:30 – 5:00 on Mondays and Thursdays on the North soccer practice fields. It started on Monday, September 28, 2020, and will go on for 5 weeks. The first day of practice was cancelled because of bad weather. So, on Thursday the girls got back to work and practiced hard on their soccer skills. Although it’s not like regular practice for the girls and coaches. They girls can not have any contact with others or coaches. This makes it difficult because normally the girls would get to scrimmage and do other drills that need contact. 

       Even though it’s a lot tougher than normal practice ,Mr. Naff and the other coaches figured out a way to make practice efficient and fun for the girls. Although at the end of practice Mr. Naff gave each of the girls a permission slip that asks the girls parent if they would allow the girls to be able to participate in scrimmages and contact drills. So, the first practice may have been a little different the rest will be right back on track. 

      Having these practices will allow the girls to dust off the cobwebs from not playing since march and training them for next season. Mr. Naff said he wasn’t sure if IHSA is going to let him have his indoor soccer league this year, but hopefully it does. Hopefully the girls have an amazing month of practicing and learning new skills and become a great soccer team. As of right now the girls soccer season is set to start in May and end some time in June. If you are interested in playing soccer this year come to one of the practices of either Monday or Thursday. These practices will end at the  end of October.