Tennis: Belvidere North vs Guilford

Lucy Madera

This week the Belvidere North jv girls tennis team traveled to Guilford and varsity had stayed home. Coach Oldani headed to Guilford with the JV team and Coach Rathbun. The weather was very cold around the high 50s, and very cloudy. 

As the JV got to the Guilford tennis center, they immediately started to warm up and hit for fun with their opponents. As I stated earlier the weather was really cold and the weather impacted some of the teams/ players. Luckily some doubles teams such as doubles one, three and four finished faster than usual. One doubles for north scored 2-6, 1-6. But that’s okay because First doubles got to play another match with new opponents.  Second doubles won 6-2 the first set, and the second set had to be put into a tie-breaker. Lucky north won the first tiebreaker 7-3, and for the final tie-breaker 10-7.  Third doubles had also finished their match early, so they got to watch everyone and enjoy their victory. Fourth doubles had also won quickly and were onto another match with new opponents! 

Unfortunately in the middle of most matches, it started to pour a bit. When it rains in tennis, the courts tend to become slippery and dangerous to play in. Due to the poor weather conditions the coaches decided to stop playing before anything bad happened. Before the cancelation, both tennis teams and coaches waited it out and decided it’s better to just end it instead of wasting time waiting for rain. In conclusion all the tennis matches got canceled for that day and mostly everyone was in the middle of playing in their match.