Ryan Newman Survives NASCAR Crash


Anne Rutherford, Reporter

The 2020 Dayton 500 was the NASCAR Cup Series race held on February 16-17. The winner was Denny Hamlin, who drove the No. 11 Toyota Camry. However, arguably the most memorable event was not Hamlin’s win, but the serious crash involving Ryan Newman. Following his miraculous survival, he was rushed to a local hospital. His injuries, though severe, were not life threatening. Newman was released from the hospital on February 19. 


The reason behind Newman’s survival was largely in part due to the precautions added by NASCAR following the death of Dale Earnhardt’s death in 2001. From then on, NASCAR required every driver to wear the HANS device, which stabilizes their necks in a crash. The next safety measure was the soft walls inside the car. The biggest change made was instituting the Car of Tomorrow in 2007. This car was designed to keep the driver safe inside the car by limiting the chance of rollovers. 


Today NASCAR continues to enjoy success. As they continue to find new ways to make their cars run faster, their number one priority is still to ensure the safety of their drivers.