North Football

North Football

Matthew Redner, reporter


 The Coronavirus had its delays for everyone. A huge delay was caused as football was starting. While many of the other states in the US have already started their high school football leagues, Belvidere North had many more bumps in the road. 

Normally North has a two month Summer Football Camp; however, since a member of the team got Covid, many eyes were drawn to North’s athletics. Someone having Covid affects the whole school system, the football team, etc. Restrictions were put in place where there was no contact practice or no practice at all. With football especially, practicing with no contact is challenging. North’s response to that was to spend extra time lifting in the weight room with masks on. 

Heart break has been normal this year.   The season has been pushed back to the Spring, which could make for an awkward season starting in the cold, sloppy mud. However, there may be positive points of a late start to the season. There are months longer for training periods. But in those months of training it’s very important to keep the players healthy and injury free. 

Interviewing multiple players on the varsity team, the real feelings of the season portrayed, the guys were really excited finally seeing their gear since it’s been such a long time. They received helmets and shoulder pads earlier this week, meaning real practice is right around the corner. As of right now everyone involved in North football is super happy and ready to train for the season ahead of them. The most energy was received from the seniors, still excited they get to have their season and leave everything they trained for over the years will be put to work in this upcoming season.