A Positive Side to This Quarantine


Rachel Nelson, Editor-In-Chief

There is a lot of negativeness in the world right now. This is the time to look for the bright side of things. 

One of those bright sides is that people are getting to spend more time with their families, even if it is just their household families. 

There are a lot of things that you can do with your family when you are stuck at home. You can play family games, watch movies, start a tv show that you will watch during the quarantine, do family crafts, etc. 

My time at home has consisted of most of that. My parents, brother and I have played a lot of games, mostly Boggle and Scrabble, we made a scrabble thing that had all of our names, and we have watched a few movies together. 

This time at home has helped me spend a lot more time with my family when I didn’t use to. My dad works a lot, and he still kind’ve does, but he has days where he is home earlier or he doesn’t go in. My brother was at college and with him being home I can spend a little more time with him, not much though because he spends most of the day playing video games in his room. Since I don’t have school and my mom doesn’t go to work for a long time during the day, we have spent a lot more time together. And since I’m home, I also get to spend a lot more time with my dogs and cat. 

You can also use this time to better yourself and get yourself to that place that you want to be. 

Don’t just veg out on the couch and eat that bag of potato chips, go for a run, use those weights in the basement, eat healthy. Take this time to work on you. 

For the seniors, work on those scholarships. There’s a lot of deadlines at the end of April, use this time at home to fill some out. 

You can also use this time to work on your mindset. If you aren’t in a good place mentally, work on it. This is the perfect time. Not a lot of stresses in life, at home all day with nothing else to do, use it. 

Make sure that you are using this time to catch up on things you’ve been meaning to do, not just watching tv, playing video games, or sitting in bed all day long.