64-year old accidentally falls out of plane


Yasmin Vizguerra, Editor

A 64-year old unnamed man in the northeast of France was gifted a ride at a French air base by colleagues, leading to an unfortunate event. 

      However, the man was grateful and decided to head to the Saint-Deltzer air base where he would have the chance to ride a Dassault Rafale B, a jet used by the French Air Force. 

      The man was not excited for the ride, and once he got there, he became visibly nervous. A French government aviation agency noted that during the time leading up to the ride, the 64-year old looked extremely stressed once he realized what the gift was actually about. 

      The cause of his stress before the ride was his previous inexperience. 

      He went ahead with the three-plane training exercise. 

      The jet itself had the power to go up to a maximum of 1,400 kilometers per hour or 870 miles per hour. At the time of the accident, the plane was going at a rate of  500 kilometers or 320 miles.

      Once the jet was 2,500 feet above ground, the man only got more and more visibly stressed. As he got more stressed, he became panicked and reached for something to hold on to. He unfortunately held onto a seat ejector button, sending him out of the plane. 

     Along with his mistake, the man hadn’t properly adjusted his helmet to his head, causing it to fly off.

     The man flew into a field that was on the border of France and Germany. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously injured.

    The pilot that rode on the plane with him only suffered mild injuries from the plane suddenly opening mid-flight.

     Air accident investigators were able to see his heart rate at the time of the flight from a watch he wore that tracked his heart rate. His heart rate had shown full tachycardia, meaning his heart rate was increasing fast due to his anxiety, his heart rate being between 136 and 142 beats per minute. 

     The investigators also uncovered several mistakes in the lead-up to the accident such as the seatbelt he wore wasn’t properly fastened which made him fly up during the flight. The plane had also gone over the 3.7g of force during take-off, which shouldn’t have occurred.