Covid Protesting


Anthony Espensen

Anti-Quarantine protests have recently spread throughout America. People are ready to go back to work and are claiming that it is their right to work. Even though we are in the global crisis of a Pandemic for the first time in almost a century, the people just don’t care and are exercising their rights to protest because of this. 

The protests have been happening in Colorado and Pennsylvania. Crowds of people gathered to chant and carry signs talking about how they need to re open the country and set things back to normal. Nurses and doctors staged counter protests to try to get the people to go home and quarantine. But they workers received fawul treatment, they received numerous reports of hate speech. 

Anti-lockdown rallies have also been seen in states including Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, California and Minnesota. Some epidemiologists predict such protests could cause a surge in Covid-19 cases. 

To end the epidemic we all need to work together and stay inside so this will all come to an end. Until people follow the rules there will continue to be constant surges in outbreaks and we will just end up having to stay quarantined longer. Let’s work together to end Covid-19.