All New On Netflix


Brynn Eubanks, reporter

Over this time of being in quarantine, people are looking for new movies and shows to watch. Netflix has brought all new and old ones to watch all throughout April, as more are to come in May. 


      A big topic many people have been talking about online is the show Tiger King. You might have to watch this one to see for yourself, but many say you are in for a surprise.


      “Definitely not what I thought the show would be about. The ending is crazy but it’s honestly enjoyable and interesting to see over this boring time,” said Megan Cummings (‘21).


      Something to do to keep yourself busy over this time without ever becoming bored is watching these comedians. Chris D’Elia has many specials out, his most recent is Chris D’elia “No Pain”. Also Pete Davidson has his first special on Netflix, this special is live in New York City called “Alive From New York.”


     Want to know the best of the best in all of designing and cooking? There are many new shows where people are competing to see who deserves recognition in a certain industry.”Glow up” is a competition series based on aspiring makeup artists given challenges, that ends with one winner on top that gives them a great opportunity in the beauty industry.“Interior Design Masters” is about 10 designers competing to win a life changing design contract.“Next In Fashion” is about fashion designers competing to be the winner of loads of cash to start their own business! Lastly, the show “Nailed It” has brought a new season of horrible bakers doing different cooking challenges and the winner of the best baker takes home 10,000.


      With the Pandemic going on right now it’s weird to see how relatable other pandemic movies are to the situation going on right now. “Outbreak” and “Pandemic” are now on Netflix and other pandemic movies and shows too. 


      Now being the start of a new decade in the 2000’s, movies from the past 20 years have been brought to Netflix. A Cinderella Story(2004), The Hangover(2009), Burlesque(2010), and more. These movies will guarantee to bring back Nostalgia. 


     If you’re into crime shows you will really be interested in these new documentaries. In this case, these are real life events that will frighten you more than you think.”Don’t F*** With Cats” and “The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez” are out on Netflix now. These are limited series so watch while you can.


      There are many new shows and movies with a variety of genres for everyone to enjoy. This is the perfect time to binge watch when you normally would not have the time.