25 things to do during quarantine


Olivia Frank, Reporter

      During this quarantine, we are all stressed out and bored. But there are many activities to use to destress and as a combat to our boredom. I’ve made a list of 30 things you can do while stuck at home. Starting with #1: Clean, Organize and Declutter your bedroom or house. Might as well; you are stuck there anyway. Leading right into #2 with: Decluttering your phone. I’m sure there are all sorts of screenshots and photos sitting in your camera roll that you forgot you took. #3 Deleting and organizing your computer desktops. It’s hard to be very productive with a messy work environment.


      I’ve heard from many people during this time that one of the things keeping them busy is #4: Coloring in adult coloring books. #5: Puzzles are often overlooked when trying to find something to cure boredom but they actually really help. They take a lot of time and focus and before you know it it’s really late at night. #6: Do arts and crafts. They are just as fun. And with all the free time you’ve got on your hands maybe it’ll turn out better than you expected. 


      #7: Do some school work. With all this online school I wouldn’t doubt that you have school work and a lot of it too. #’s 8 & 9: Meditation and Working out.  Getting caught up on school is great but when you get too stressed out meditation helps as well as working out. Don’t get discouraged just because all the gyms are closed. Close your eyes and Meditate anywhere you want. Go for fun outside or do a home workout. #10:Selfcare. You can take a break from life and just sit and do facemasks/ hair masks. You could paint your nails or take a hot bath. Or #11: just take a break and catch up on your reading. #12: Go play some board games with your family. 


      Sometimes boredom gets passed the everyday activities and you have to improvise. Learn something new like #13 Learn a new instrument.  #14 Learn a magic trick. #15 Learn a new language. You could #16 Listen to a podcast or #17 Bullet Journal/ Journal. If nothing else works, do what you would be doing anyway #18 Discover new music or listen to old music or #19 Have a photoshoot with yourself. While you’re on all your technology might as well #20 Take Buzzfeed quizzes and when it dies #21 Write a letter to your future self. #22 Watch Netflix and binge your favorite show. You could also #23 Cook. I mean might as well… you have to eat anyway. You could #24 Teach your pet a new trick or #25 Have a dance party or do karaoke with yourself.


Despite being stuck at home there is always something to do if you really put your mind to it. You can find a way to be productive or just plain have fun. Yes, you may be stuck at home but don’t try to tell me that you don’t have anything to do in your house. Your house isn’t totally empty, is it? Have a great quarantine and good luck conquering your boredom!