Update on Corona Virus


Brynn Eubanks, reporter

   As Illinois is still on a “Shelter In-Place”, many events are still undecided for future times. Many are asking what does this mean for education in the fall.


       All Illinois education has been put into online schooling the rest of this school year. That also goes for most colleges and Universities all over the U.S.. There is a possibility of alternate learning in the fall, like online learning or other ways that are not yet looked at. This is not for sure but if cases worsen and quarantine continues this is the safest option for everyone.


      The Graduating High School class of 2021, was set to take the SAT on April 4, now being pushed to a later date in June. With the Corona Virus still spiraling around there is doubt of this test date in June. This situation is so severe that a growing number of colleges are ending test-score requirements for applicants. The Chief Executive of College Board, David Coleman says,


      “We will need an at-home-style solution for the SAT if schools are out this fall.”


      Testing online is not determined and seems to be an unlikely scenario.


      With now more than 1 million cases of the CoronaVirus, RVC is now having a virtual graduation. As for all High School Graduations in Illinois are cancelled for the class of 2020. 


      There are now more than 70,000 confirmed Cases of the Corona Virus in Illinois. The numbers keep growing day by day. The Stay-At-Home order for Illinois has extended to May 31. An Illinois Pastor sued Governor Pritzker for this and was denied by the Federal Court, because “people do have the ability to worship.”


      Recently Scientists at University of Oxford have been trying to find a vaccine for the CoronaVirus, they are hopeful for a Vaccine available by September. 


      With all of this information the public is being told, there is no forsure answer of a soon-to-be cure for the Virus. We can only do our part by staying home as much as we can and hope for the best. There has been unfortunate news on a cancellation of events, but this is best for us all at this time.