What Is Covid Looking like in Illinois?


Ben Scott, Reporter

A surge with new covid cases in Illinois continues. State health authorities reported around 3500 new infections and an additional 27 deaths as well. With newly found cases of covid, the state has now seen 339,803 cases with 9,192 deaths since the outbreak began. As of Friday night, 2073 people in Illinois were hospitalized with covid 19. Of those people, 422 were put in intensive care units and 165 were on ventilators.

State health officials on Friday were warned by the Illinois Department of public health for there is a risk of further outbreaks. They included Kane and McHenry counties, both of which counties have seen their test rates climb just above 8%.

The seven day average in Illinois for positive covid tests has gone up 5.2% in the last 48 hours. So we may start seeing some restrictions such as the tiered system Pritzker came up with a couple of weeks ago. Many other counties are also seeing 7 days increases continually such as Kane county with their percentage rates going up as much as 9.9%. The Northern region is under additional covid-19 measures from the IDPH as of the 3rd of October. Such as if region one continues to report positive cases then efforts will be taken. Chicago as well has seen six days of positivity in cases reported and hospital admissions increases. The Chicago region has increased from 5.4% to 5.7% currently, 22% of medical and surgical beds, and 29% of ICU beds are still available.

Newly reported deaths 

  • Clinton County- 1 male, 70s
  • Cook County- 1 female 20s, 5 males 50s, 3 males 60s,1 female 70s, 1 female 80s, 3 males 80s, 1 male 90s
  • Jefferson county 1 male, 80s
  • DuPage County- 1 female 40s
  • Kane County- 1 female 70s, 1 male 80s