Boone County Covid-19


Nolan Brannan, reporter

Covid-19 has been affecting Boone County and other nearby counties since the start of the virus. The numbers have recently been growing faster than usual with them now being at 1702 total cases in just Boone County alone. Of those cases there have been 25 total deaths. In just the past two weeks alone Boone County has had 444 positive tests. Illinois has slowly been getting back on their feet but with the recent surge of cases it is a sure setback. The first two reported cases from Boone County came all the way back from April 4th. The first death came only four days later on April eighth. In Boone County there are many testing sites available, all you need is to make an appointment. 

      The schools in District 100 have been closed ever since the start of their school year. The original plan was to open the school back up for at least the elementary school starting in the second quarter on Monday November 2nd. 

      Surrounding counties have had their numbers increasing frequently too. Winnebago County has had a total of 9,464 positive tests of Covid-19 while also having 173 total deaths. The county with the highest numbers in Illinois is Cook County, they are in the area of Chicago, the biggest city in Illinois, and they have a large total of 168,000 cases with 5,382 deaths. Boone County and Illinois are currently in stage four working to get to the fifth and final stage of th Covid-19 reopening plan. Pritzker, the Governor of Illinois says there is no “set date” for the fifth stage, he also said Illinois most likely won’t fully open back up until there is a vaccine but many people are tired of the restrictions and are ready to get back to normal while others disagree and believe quarantine is the best thing to do.