Opportunity for Teenagers to Contribute to Democracy


Ada Parker, reporter

  If you are over the age of 16 and a junior/ senior in highschool then you are eligible to be a poll worker for the upcoming election. For the November election there are estimated to be 250,000 electron judge spots open, according to Power The Polls.org, without these spaces filled there may be no in-person polling. Since the age group of 16-18 year olds is in a low risk category for coronavirus, it helps keep everyone safe by letting the high risk workers stay home.

   The responsibilities of a poll worker is to help administer ballots, hand out information and just make sure that the whole process goes smoothly for all of the voters. You will just need to participate in a day long training prior to the event. On election day you will get $150 for working from 5 am- 8pm. Every poll worker will be supplied with a mask and gloves that they can change out as needed. All of the information on specific dates will be given to you by your local polling station.

   When applying to be a poll worker they will ask for your party affiliation. This just helps them know who is working where. They would want a Democratic representative handing out ballots to people who are registered to vote as a Democrat, same goes for Republican. This is just so each side feels heard in the election process.

   The organization organizing this event is Power to the Polls powered by Work Elections. It is an initiative to get the already politically active youth to be able to directly affect the outcome of the election. If you are interested in participating in the first register at PowertothePolls.org, then go to your local clerks office and they will give you the required information. Turn it in as soon as possible, election day is right around the corner!