Emily Dahl, Reporter

In the past, most college students would be very interactive with events, friends, or clubs due to the vast amount of options that most universities have. Things have been drastically changed due to COVID 19. With social distancing, Zoom calls, and limited contact with people, many college students miss the old college life. Most students prefer to be in person, but want what is best for the health of others.

   So many aspects of college life have changed drastically. One of them being how class is ran in an online format.

   As said by BNHS alumni Will Sieraki (‘19) attending University of Missouri (‘23), “Classes are ‘easier’ in that they don’t require full attention, but there isn’t any real learning of material happening. It’s also much harder to make connections and form study groups over Zoom than it is in person.”.

   As there are many disadvantages of online learning, Running Start student Aleah Pasquini (‘22) has highlighted that “Online school is vastly different with flexibility.”. With online learning, it is a lot easier to have that flexibility to pick when to do the work.


Although online school has the flexibility to make your own schedule, motivation has been lacking with this structure.

   “It’s a lot harder to find motivation to stay on top of things.” (BNHS Alumni Haley Dahl Class of 2019, University of Illinois at Chicago Class of 2023).

  Once starting assignments, many students feel stressed and overloaded.

   BNHS alumni Jillian Chamberlain(‘19) attending the University of Kentucky(‘21) said “Teachers are assigning more and expecting because they think it’s easier to be online when it is in fact more difficult.”. Because of the amount of work, many students feel so stressed and overwhelmed

   The class structure of online classes are so different from regular in person classes, but the structure of activities are much more different.

      Haley Dahl, Division One Hurdler for UIC Track and Field, notes that “…lot of new risks and regulations due to COVID. I get weekly COVID tests due to it.”.

   Many of the restrictions for runners are similar to regular CDC guidelines.

   Dahl states some of the new regulations as followed: masks are required at practice, social distancing enforced during warmups, only a limited number of runners at practice are allowed, made training groups that are smaller, only three practices per week,  two lifting sessions per week, and cannot practice inside (except lifting).

      Dahl also mentions that there is an “opt out option” for those who feel uncomfortable going to practice.

   College life has been changed drastically since March 2020, and will take time to get back to normal. From classes to sports, the different regulations can go on and on. These regulations are needed to help others, so it is very significant that these universities have implemented them.