The Festival of Frights


Evan Mobley, reporter

The Festival of Frights kicked off on Friday, Oct 23 at Sinnissippi Park. The festival runs through Halloween and you can walk or drive through any time from 5:30-8:30 p.m. You’ll be able to see a ton of straw structures with lights on them. Not everything will always go according to plan though. People will have to wait in line to get in because of how popular it is but the lights were on a timer to turn off automatically at 8 p.m. Many people were waiting in line when the lights turned themselves off. Festival of Frights sent an apology to everyone waiting in line on Saturday. Officials have asked to keep getting support so they can still put on these cool light shows. “Donations are key not only to keep this going and to grow but last year we were able to donate more than two dozen costumes to the Rockford Rescue Mission and that was the goal, to give back. 100 percent of what we raise and what we bring in goes back to the exhibit, or it goes to donating for kids who don’t have costumes,” said event organizer Jennifer Roser. Now that the Festival of Frights has moved the times you should consider making it to a show and making at least a small donation to do what Jennifer Roser said, help keep the light shows going and give Halloween costumes to kids in need.