Potential Lock down


Nolan Brannan

      In Illinois the restrictions from Covid are coming in and there are a few new rules. Regarding highschool sports, the winter sports have been postponed as of right now and that includes any workouts that take place in school. As of November 4th Illinois had the fourth highest total Covid cases in the US and now Illinois moves into their 3rd tier of restrictions. There has been no stay at home order issued but Governor Pritzker has hinted at slowing down travel when Thanksgiving comes around. The IDPH has recommended that Illinois residents stay home as much as possible during the next 3 weeks, only leaving the house when necessary. Such activities include grocery shopping, visiting a pharmacy, or getting a Covid test. There have also been recommendations that businesses allow their employees to work from home during this time. The new restrictions restrict the maximum amount of people allowed in a bar or restaurant to six at a time. They also have asked people to keep their social gatherings limited to a maximum of 10 people with exception to school, and office retail spaces. Organized gatherings will be capped at 25 in the room or only 25 percent of the room being filled. On the 17th of November Governor JB Prtizker announced that Illinois will go into their 3rd tier of restrictions on the 20th. All arcades, casinos, recreational centers, theaters, and museums will be required to close. This will leave people stuck at home again and it will also give students less activities to do which could lead to mental health problems. At the start of the pandemic many students had such a hard time switching over to the new way of living, it deteriorated their mental health. Many students have gotten used to this overtime, but now with no sports students don’t have much to do.