James Robinson Making His Mark In The NFL


Ben Scott, Reporter

It is clear  the Jacksonville Jaguars are having many struggles. However, the running game is now looking great, they don’t need to worry  with new undrafted asset, Rockford’s very own,  James Robinson. Robinson was undrafted and later signed with Jacksonville, since then he has been consistent with his game, he is now on his way to setting records. Despite many hard fought losses Robinson keeps focus and plays his best every game. On the 31st of November the Jaguars had another tough loss as the final score was 27-25 against the Cleveland Browns. James Robinson managed to handle and perform 22 carries for 128 rushing yards with a touchdown and 5 receptionsfor 31 yards.

Robinsons consistency has been outstanding in the league, with 1,170 yards through 11 games puts him just 159 yards away from passing Dominic Rhodes’ record of 1,328 in 2001 for the most yards by an undrafted rookie in his first season. Robinsons teammate Mike Glennon and quarterback of the Jaguars stated “He’s a special talent. How he fell out of draft, I have no clue. We are lucky to have him because he’s one of the better backs in the league”. Robinson is well on pace to set the undrafted rookie yard record, he has averaged 106.3 yards per game within 11 games. He could also finish the season with another undrafted rookie record, if their is a big outing in December for Robinson and he gets another 100+ rushing yard game then he will have tied Clark Gaines for 7 100+ rushing yard games as an undrafted rookie.

His teammates have come to enjoy the energy he brings, he is a good reminder that even though all 32 teams miss multiple times in the draft talent can always find some way too shine even if the surrounding circumstances are dreary.